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101,41 to be exact!

Highest weight: 123 kg / 271,16 lbs

Weight today: 77,0 kg / 169,75 lbs

so i left the 170’s too! what a day! i cant believe it! :D

its amazing what swimming, lifting weights, running, yoga, blogilates, 30 day shred and insanity can do to your body!

i wont lie, it wasnt always easy. i had to fight hard against my depression. but i’m winning my life back, more and more with each day!

Tumblr, here is my September challenge, I invite you to join me

1. 30 day ab challenge
2. 15(+) days of weight lifting
3. 20 (+) days of cardio (trying for 5k(+))
4. 15(+) min/day stretching
5. Pushups twice a day, equal to the date (on the 4th you do 4 pushups in the am, 4 in pm, by the 30th you’re doing 30 pushups in the am, 30 in pm)

I am terrible at pushups, and cardio, so this is a stretch for me. I invite anyone to join me and tag me in their updates! Let’s help eachother!


if you are losing weight and getting fit right now and you’re in college, with a job, in your late teens or early twenties, and you are not only struggling with the bullshit that goes with school and work but also trying to get in the best shape of your life while also simultaneously coping with the inner monologue in your head that won’t shut up about your imminent future as an adult in the real world, you get mad props from me.

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